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Down a Dark Hall (2018) Trailer


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U kinima od August 2018. Godine
Naziv: Down a Dark Hall (2018)

RECENZIJA FILMA Niz mračni hodnik – Down a Dark Hall (2018)

Žanr Filma: Drama, Fantazija, Triler
Redatelj:  Rodrigo Cortés
Scenarist: Lois Duncan
Glavne Uloge: AnnaSophia Robb, Taylor Russell, Isabelle Fuhrman, Uma Thurman, Rebecca Front, Rosie Day, David Elliot…
Radnja filma: Kit Gordy, novi student na ekskluzivnoj Blackwood Boarding School, suočava se sa natprirodnim pojavama u instituciji i tamnim silama svoje ravnateljice.


Trailer Filma:

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Denis Nekic
Denis Nekic
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